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Basically how i imagine uchiha clan in action.

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'Kakashi of the sharingan' 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I need isayama to stop taking mikasas family away from mikasa.

I need kishi to stop making sakura feel like she can’t do anything when in fact she has done a lot in this war. I also need kishi to let her live .

I need tite to let rukia and orihime be both bad asses together.

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Thinking about how sakura is such a badass . No amount of put downs, fails , pain , or life endangerment will ever get her to quit trying . She tries till she succeeds or doesn’t succeed at all. This girl is a hero because she survives every damn day just trying to make it . Literally , sakura did start from nothing and worked her way up to being a great medical ninja . An inspiration to never give up no matter what the world throws at you . This is why she’s my girl and your fave could fucking never .

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what madara just did was fucking rude.

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State : giving myself feels and need your help. Or for you to cry with me .

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I’ll cry with you waifu. The feels hurt tonight. I cannot anymore

All the depression coming your way . Please comfort me . I can’t deal .

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There’s 4 ways this can play out . Please let it not be the worst one.

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every chapter that sakura shows up is a good chapter

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im gonna go think bout what i jus read. good fuckin night.

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