rest in peace, mona vanderwaal

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Mona die trying to help the girls, so the girls can forgive her. She just want to apologiseimage



Not safe.


Not safe.

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Woah! O_o Honestly, I stopped watching after about season 2, and I’m aware that Mona was part of the A-team or something like that and had to be placed in a mental institution, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’ve missed a lot, haven’t I?

season 2 was honestly the only season i couldn’t finish to this day. i was going to drop pll but season 3 made me change my mind & so much has happened lol i couldn’t even begin to tell you. if you want to catch up i recommend waiting till the series finale airs. 

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#RIPMona, we will miss you.


#RIPMona, we will miss you.

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"We were best friends. Now, you’re just someone I used to hang out with."

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Wait, Mona’s dead?!?! NOOO!!! I haven’t followed this show in a long time, but I’m still shocked. What happened? O_o

Mona figured out who A was and when the girls where coming to her house A or someone associated with A broke into her house. We still don’t know who A is because if it’s Allison they made it to obvious. If you know CeCe Drake from previous seasons then I believe it was her who killed Mona.

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People who may have killed Mona:

  1. CeCe Drake
  2. Literally anyone in a blonde wig

People who very obviously did not kill Mona because why would they be hinting at it this much if it were that obvious:

  1. Alison Lauren Dilaurentis

It was CeCe yo .

#but doing Alison's dirty work maybe.  


everyone after the episode:


Naaah I’m not tho.