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Lol Nalu is always going to be attached with NaruSaku . Wish people would stop complaining About it . A majority of NS shippers ship Nalu at least a majority and I don’t blame them . I ship them too tbh :). And it’s not comparison b/n the girls or ships or w.e. it’s the bond that was built is why ppl like to hand on hand ship them at the same time

I personally love the way both the guys would do anything to protect the individual girl. It just so happens they do it in the same manner likewise to how the girls came to believe in the individual guy . Lol I could write an entire post but I think you get the point. I don’t care about hair color nope . I don’t compare anything , I just simply realize how the ships have the same theme to a degree . They are totally different ships overall so I wouldn’t justify either ships using the other;

And Also why can’t I enjoy either ships WOUT the hate. There’s a deeper reason why people like to ship LuNa (yes I have included them too) , Nalu, & NaruSaku at the same time then just appearance wise. Maybe you would know that if you stop hating for a second . And to be honest these 3 are nothing like the other but still have that bestfriend turn to lover aspect , a key aspect of why they will always be attached to each other. Like I’m js. 👀